Truck Relocation Tips

Relocating your oversized truck or plant equipment often seems challenging if the equipment is not allowed to drive on standard roads. Heavy haulage companies are your best partner if you wish to ship the truck or plant equipment to another location. This article details the truck relocation process. 

Not all haulage companies can relocate trucks. Therefore, you have to vet a few reputable companies to determine which company is the right fit. Consider the following:

  • Does the company have haulage trucks and equipment required to move the truck?
  • Does the haulage company have an interstate operating licence? It comes in handy if you intend to move the truck across several states.
  • What are the relocation conditions? For instance, does the company offer a last-mile delivery service? Does the company have adequate insurance? What guarantees does the company offer?
  • Ask for a haulage quote and inquire about additional charges you could incur. 

Once you contact the haulage company, it sends a crew to examine what you need to move. Typically, the team assesses the truck's tare weight and dimensions to determine which trailer they will use to relocate the truck. The crew then maps out a suitable route. In most cases, they choose the route with the lowest risks. Therefore, the team avoids narrow roads, unpaved roads or routes with heavy traffic. 

The haulage company works closely with the haulage driver to determine the movement of the haulage truck from its current location to the destination. This forms the basis of the haulage plan that contains the following elements; 

  • When the haulage commences. In most cases, state laws play a significant role in determining when the company can relocate the truck. Typically, oversized trucks can only move during specific times.
  • The speed of the haulage truck. Several factors come into play, the safety of other road users, the possibility of traffic jam build-up, and the highway code.
  • The stops that the convoy will make. Remember, the drivers need to rest when driving long distances. Moreover, the trucks could require refuelling or other services.
  • Contact service providers needed throughout the journey. For example, a tow truck could be required to tow the haulage truck on rough or hilly terrain. 

A few days before relocating your truck, the haulage crew meets to establish the safety measures they will observe during haulage. For example, the dimensions of the load will determine the need for escort vehicles. If the load is classified as oversized, the team might need to engage local traffic police to help prevent traffic snarl-ups.   

For more information about commercial truck relocation, contact a local company. 

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